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Bad Moon Rising 2
Region: N.C., EDT
Streams: RecursionGG
Featuring: Hungrybox, PPMD in doubles only, Plup, Druggedfox, Swedish Delight, n0ne, Colbol, dizzkidboogie, Slox, Zain, $mike, mayb, Twitch, Kaeon, Qerb, KPAN, iluvcrispix, Sharkz, Cool Lime, Zasa, L0zR, Boyd, SypherPhoenix, Cohenski, David, Aglet, Captain Crunch, Lanceinthepants, Peanutphobia, Wenbobular, stingers, Dublat, Flow, Karn, Tylenol P-M, and WELCOME TO THE THREE LETTER TAG ZONE! In it are Rik, BMC, TAH, NIX, LSD, GCS, DAB, Cob, Een, Chi, Red, RJW, Tor, and mor.
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Friday, June 30

NuMoaL 163
Stream: PGHSmash
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Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Ill., CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
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Friday Night Turnip #58 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming or TopShelfEsports
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SDSU Biweekly 65 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: SDMeleeTV
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Tuk House Weekly (Wash., PDT)
Stream: TukHouseSmash
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Saturday, July 1

Apollo VII (N.Y., EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
Featuring: The Moon, Captain Smuckers, Syrox, DJ Nintendo, Zanguzen, Hax, iBDW, NY Joey, 2saint, and more good Tri-State players that will sign up at the event.
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Run, Don’t Walk (Iowa, CDT)
Stream: SiouxlandSmash
Featuring: AbsentPage, Captain Faceroll, Shinobi, Bobby Frizz, Doubleshine,  Iifter, Underscores, and more ranked Midwest players.
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Albion 2
(U.K., UTC+1) 
Streams: DATteamlive and BYO_Controller
Featuring: Professor Pro, Vanity Angel, Frenzy, R23, Setcchi, UnHaven, Alpha Dash, Manyula, TimeMuffinPhD, Hao, and more. Bracket on Sunday.
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Otafest Assault 2017
(Ab., MDT)
Stream: SSBUniversity
Featuring: Quaff, Anjo, KSC, Poppin Fresh, and more ranked Alberta players.
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City of Melee 10 
(Vic., Australia, UTC+10)
Stream: MelbourneMelee
Featuring: prolific, Saucy, Nehruvia, Nangs, Macky, Microsoft J, PCG, and more.
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Smash Time 2 @ TNLG (Tenn., CDT)
Stream: MusicCitySmash via Smashcast
Featuring: Iori, Moist, Dezno, Xtreme, Bread, Suezo, and more.
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Monthly Godlike (ERIC) (La., CDT)
Stream: OpponentProcess
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Fox You Up #2 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming, probably.
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House of Smash 47
 (Norway, UTC+2)
Stream: SmashNorge
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Event Match 21 
(Penn., EDT)
Stream: R2DLiu
Featuring: R2DLiu, Stango, Bones, WUMPUS, Vickram.
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Smash@Lomas Bar 6
(Tam., CDT)
Stream: SmashTampico
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Sunday, July 2

Super Smash Sundays 60 
(SoCal, PDT)
Streams: TeamOxy and TeamOxy2
Featuring: BlueBuddy, Craiger, Tenshii, and (as always) more SoCal talent that has yet to register.
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The Construct 81 
(Midwest: Wis., CDT)
Stream: EventHorizon
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Smash at Epic 53 (Ore., PDT)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
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Magic City Smash 19
 (Ala., CDT)
Stream: Bham_smash
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