When’s Melee? March 17-19

Hello, welcome to a spicy nighttime edition of When’s Melee, your weekly source for Melee tournament stream information. If you have info on other events and their streams, please reach out on Twitter (linked below) or here in the comments.

Frame Perfect Series 2
 (3/18 – 3/19)
Region: Fla. (EDT)
Stream: Mew2King, PolarityGG, SmashStudios, and MVG_League (see schedule for full details)
Featuring: Hungrybox, Mang0, Mew2King, Armada (doubles only), Shroomed, Wizzrobe, S2J, Lucky, The Moon, Colbol, Gahtzu, Kels, Drunksloth, Porkchops, A Rookie, King Momo (who is this?), MrLz, Oaty, Ridz, Envy, Derdian, Dingo, Sinbad, Hungry Pigeon, Flipsy, Shamunt, Gravy, and a tournament at an airport whaaaaat?!
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No Man’s LAN 12  (3/18)
Region: Ontario (EDT)
Stream: AffinityPlay
Featuring: Duck, KJH, KirbyKaze, Ryan Ford, Trulliam, Moky, Coffeeblack, Ginger, Damian Tyson, RaynEX, Heartstrings, Juggleguy, Vanitas, Jamrun, and King Quiggles.
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SoCal Colosseum #9: Team Root Beer
Region: SoCal (PDT)
Stream: SSBMTutorials
Featuring Squid, Captain Faceroll, Jace, Cesar, Mair, and (as usual) more SoCal talent that has yet to register.
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Friday, March 17

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Midwest: Ill., CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
Featuring: Prints a boo, Vro, Michael41000000000, ORLY, Quin, Sago, Trix, Sizzle, and Hindawg.
» Challonge 

Man on a Ledge 148
Stream: PGHNEOHSmash
» Challonge | Facebook

Kent Combo 46
 (Midwest: Ohio, EDT)
Stream: Frekydelic
» smash.gg | Facebook

Friday Night Turnip – St. Paddy’s Day Special
 (SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming
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The Smashing Illini Weekly
(Midwest: Ill., CDT)
Stream: TheSmasingIllini
» Challonge

The Break Smash Bi-Weekly
(Tri-State: N.J., EDT)
Stream: 8wayrun
Featuring: C!Z, Atomsk, Clutch, and TecZero.
» Challonge

Casual Encounters 40 (Texas, CDT)
Stream: VideoGains
Featuring: Redd, Captain Smuckers, Bananas, jake13, Albert, Mojo, Hamyojo, JF, and Mouf.
» Bracket

Saturday, March 18

(Texas, CDT)
Stream: TourneyLocator
Featuring: Redd, Captain Smuckers, Arc, Mojo, Bananas, Mouf, Jake13, Albert, hamyojo, JF, Thoraxe, and Disafter.
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MMOM Bi-Monthly #6
 (New England: Mass., EDT)
Stream: AmesburyMelee
Featuring Crush, Mafia, Infinite Numbers, Crunch, Klap$, th0rn, Rime, Squible, Joyboy, Tian, Sora, Kalvar, Younger, and more great NE players at a bigger version of the region’s best tourney series.
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Smash @ Tech
(South: Ga., EDT)
Stream: RecursionGG
Featuring: Druggedfox, KPAN, Mr. Z (formerly Articanus), ht (formerly BaeBlade and Crispix), Chaddd, DAB, Gas$, Dublat, Een, Focus, Type1, TBag, Chipgroove, GAWes, dashdancedan, and a super high quality stream.
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EU Grandmaster Netplay Tournament #2
(~The Internet~)
Stream: LFFN
Featuring Zorc, Mahie, Calle W, Daydee, FA0, Jadde, AlphaDash, FrozenLight1337, Askeflink, Pricent, Sneddy, TimeMuffinPhD, Leffen on commentary, and a cool effort to improve higher-level Europe’s netplay community.
Starts at 4p.m. GMT + 1.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees

Mountain of Dreams 2
(W.Va., EDT)
Stream: WVSmash
Featuring: Zain, TheRealThing, 4%, Drephen, Widl, Sharkz, Sirmeris, SypherPhoenix, Boyd, Peanutphobia, Spy, Jeff Fuel, Papa, AaronScaring, Fizzle Boy, Snacks!, and most of if not all of W. Va.’s PR.
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Snapback Johns
(Mid-South: Miss, CDT)
Stream: MemphisSmash
Featuring: Iori, arby, DairDev1l, Myztek, Moist, 2KrunkVillain, Flux, and more good Mid-South players.
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Reevo 2017 (Ky., EDT)
Stream: Reeve_
Featuring: Reeve, Rik, Lanceinthepants, Cob, Cantus, Varkid, Puncayshun, and wow what a tournament name.
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Norcal Arcadian #4
(NorCal, PDT)
Stream: KentoDaBento and R3Central
The tournament series that started the Dewky Era is back and better than ever. The real Team Liquid 343 will be there, as will top NorCal arcadians like Goose, Imyt, MYL, emoDinosaur, Imyt, that Project M DK guy, GroovyGreenHat,Imyt, Azel, Chris Best, Umarth, Imyt, Wavebringer, w33dl0rd840, Kevbot, Imyt, and the winner.
» smash.gg: Brackets, AttendeesFacebook

Nebulous Melee #79
 (Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
» smash.gg | Facebook

No DI-owa 3
(Midwest: Iowa, CDT)
Stream: SiouxCitySmash
Featuring Iifter, Slowking, Mooj, Sino, Koala, Low, and more of Siouxland’s best.
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VSB Saturday Melee 
(B.C., PDT)
Stream: VanStreetBattle
» Challonge | Facebook

Sunday, March 19

(Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: NoPauseTournaments
Featuring Swedish Delight, DJ Nintendo, Slox, Beerman, Hax$, and it’s lit.
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Melee at Epic 42 (PNW: Ore., PDT)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
Featuring FatGoku and Dr. Z!
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All or Nothing! Melee and PM #010
 (Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: AONStreams
» Challonge | Facebook

MoMoS! Melee Weekly 
(Tri-State: N.J., EDT)
Stream: HitboxArena
» Challonge

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