This is When’s Melee, your weekly preview of weekend Melee tournaments. If you know of any other streamed tournaments that we have missed (excluding weeklies), please give us the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments.

Full Bloom 4  
(3/24 – 25)
Region: Ind. (EDT)

Streams: MeleeEveryday and MeleeEveryday2
Featuring: Hungrybox, Mango, Leffen, Wizzrobe, Axe, aMSa, SFAT, S2J, Crush, Zain, Lucky, Swedish Delight, HugS, Duck, n0ne, Shroomed, Westballz, Ryan Ford, Syrox, lloD, ChuDat, La Luna, PewPewU, Hax, MikeHaze, Rishi, Bladewise, KJH, Ginger, Gahtzu, Captain Faceroll, Abate, AbsentPage, Drephen, a lot more good players, and the return of Webs 🙂
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Friday, March 23

(Ind, EDT)

Stream: pand0ras_f0x
Featuring: TheSWOOPER, Slowking, Guerrilla, and hopefully more players going to Full Bloom.

Saturday, March 24

CT GamerCon 2 
(Conn, EDT)

Stream: NebulousNYC
Featuring: Slox, Captain Smuckers, lint, Vortex, SluG, Kalvar, th0rn, Joyboy, Swiftbass, Ricky, Tiramisu, Warmmer, Tian, Cort, Sweetheart, Arty, Rasen, Vino, Palika, BonkCushy, Dudutsai, Mr. Lemon, Shuffle, Mr. Tuesday, Younger, Son2, Bonfire10, BigFoig, Trail, Pretty Good.
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Fastfall – Melee Edition 
(Mtl, EDT)

Stream: SSBMontreal (probably)
Featuring: Kage, Legend, Lunar Dusk, theWaz, Marko, Spicy Hungarian.
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NaCl Monthly
 (Ga, EDT)
Stream: RecursionGG
Featuring: s0ft, Austintacious, Flamin Roy, Caup, Soap, Yort, GAwes.

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Shines and Steins: Smash @ Literboard 
(Tenn, EDT)

Stream: TriCitiesBG
Featuring: Googlyeyed, DairDeviL, Davemon, Mewwy, Den.
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Melee Salty Monthly #3 (France, UTC+1)

Stream: SaltyArena (probablement)
Featuring: Mahie, Samplay, Charlon, et plus.


Where’s Dylan? 2 
(N.J, EDT)

Stream: rood2790

Counterpick II 
(Fla, EDT)

Stream: GForceGG2
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Haru Matsuri 
(Baja, PDT)
Stream: RedGibbon
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Triple Shine VCU 
(Va, EDT)

Stream: yutimes2
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CENG Winter Charity LAN 
(Ont, EDT)

Stream: TespaCarleton
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