This is When’s Melee, your weekendly preview of streamed Melee tournaments. If you know of any other streamed tournaments that we have missed (excluding weeklies), please give us the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments.

*Pound* Underground
(5/12 – 5/13)
Region: MD/VA (EDT)

Stream: VGBootCamp
Featuring: Zain, lloD, ChuDat, Slox, Rishi, Drephen, iBDW, Jerry, Junebug, Darktooth, Kalvar, MilkMan, Kaeon, Sharkz, vortex, TheRealThing, Tylenol, HTwa, Boyd, Bob-omb, TheSWOOPER, Atomsk, Cool Lime, bobby big ballz, MoG, hat, Bones, Qerb, Holiday, bonfire10, G$, Aglet, SypherPhoenix, Borp, BIGKID, nerd, and a lot more good East Coast players.
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Unrivaled X: Gon’ Give It To Ya
Region: Fla. (EDT)

Stream: PolarityGG
Featuring: Hungrybox, Colbol, Gahtzu, ARMY, Drunksloth, King Momo, MrLZ, DaShizWiz, Envy, Chef Rach, Crunch, Oaty, Krudo, CaptainJack, and wow it’s like the song.
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Push More Buttons 2018
(5/12 – 5/13)
Region: Minn. (CDT)

Stream: MNSmash
Featuring: AbsentPage, Squid, Spark, Kage, Bobby Frizz, iifter, 100 Grand, Shifty, Nakamaman, Slowking, Guerilla, and more… buttons. Sorry.
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Saturday, May 12

City of Melee 14: PreBAM Slam 
(Vic, GMT+10)
Stream: MelbourneMelee
Featuring: Dekar, Splice Microsoft J.
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Nordsken 2018 
(Sweden, UTC+2)
Stream: GeekyGoonSquad

Fox You Up – The Return 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: TopShelfEsports
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Smash Royale at ESA: Oakland 
(NorCal, PDT)
Stream: ESASmash and/or EsportsArena
Featuring my god ycz6.
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Sunday, May 13

Canada Cup Master Series 
(Alta, MDT)
Stream: CanadaCup2
Featuring: Mew2King, Quaff, Sylarius, Anjo, and more of ranked Alberta. Non-top-8 stuff is Saturday on CC3.
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