When’s Melee? May 5-7

This is When’s Melee, your weekly source for Melee tournament stream information. If you have info on any other events and their streams, please reach out on Twitter (linked below) or here in the comments.

Sweet 28
Region: Midwest — Mich. (EDT)
Stream: MeleeItOnMe
Featuring: Armada, Duck, KJH, KirbyKaze, Ryan Ford, Prince Abu, Android, Drephen, Ginger, Rik, Heartstrings, Beach, Juggleguy, tm, voorhese, Boyd, Cal, Dope, Morescode, Jamrun, i4n, Crip, Sheep, Tran, Holiday, MB-Smash, and a couple of Reetzes.
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Region: South — Ga. (EDT)
Stream: RecursionGG
Featuring: Druggedfox, Crush, Colbol, Slox, $mike, A Rookie, KPAN, Sharkz, Iori, Googlyeyed, DairDev1L, baka4moe, iluvcrispix, Flamin Roy, Gato, Myztek, Dublat, Oaty, Pelipper, DAB, Yort, Gas$, Een, and more Atlantic South talent.
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CrazyHand 2017
(5/6 – 5/7)
Region: Japan (UTC+9 so Friday and Saturday night for NA)
Stream: aMSaYoshi
Featuring: Rudolph, Yu, Nanashi, Kounotori, Gucci, K.F, Da-yoshi, Sanne, s-royal, Zoma, Plata, もっと.
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Bridgetown Blitz
Region: PNW — Ore. (PDT)
Stream: EndgameTV1 & EndgameTV2 (multistre.am)
Featuring: S2J, HugS, Bladewise, Ka-Master, FatGoku, Iceman, Eggz, balloon, Oreo, and Ludacris’s real last name: Bridges.
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Apollo V
Region: Tri-State — N.Y. (EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
Featuring: dizzkidboogie, Captain Smuckers, DJ Nintendo, Jflex, Zealous5000, G$, Hax, Mr. F, Animal, Kaeon, Vino, TheSWOOPER, dudutsai, Young, epengu on commentary, and more good N.Y. and N.J. players.
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Friday, May 5 

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Midwest: Ill., CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
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Man on a Ledge 155
Stream: PGHNEOHSmash
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Casual Encounters 44
 (Texas, CDT)
Stream: VideoGains
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Friday Night Turnip #50: Cinco de Drinko 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming
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SDSU Biweekly 61 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: SDMeleeTV
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Tuk House Weekly (PNW: Wash., PDT)
Stream: TukHouseSmash
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Saturday, May 6 

SCR: The Final Chapter
(UK: UTC+1)
Stream: SmashDownSouth
Featuring: Professor Pro, Overtriforce, Vanity Angel, Frenzy, R23, Alpha Dash, Jam, UnHaven, Jolteon, Manyula, and more ranked UK players.
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City of Melee 8: My B 2.0
 (Vic., Australia, UTC+10, so Friday night for NA)
Stream: MelbourneMelee
Featuring: S.D, SA Nick, Splice, Fess, DonB, prolific, Noxus, Saucy, mask1n, Raphiki, Sindocus, Macky, PCG, and more from the country with the undisputed best mean level of commentary.
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TGL Monthly 15 
(South Fla., EDT)
Stream: TrailGamingLeague
Featuring: Gahtzu, DrunkSloth, Blea Gelo, Spider Sense, and more SFL players.
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Hall of the Mountain King
(Norway, UTC+2)
Stream: GeekyGoonSquad
Featuring: Zorc, Sverre, Vdogg, Askeflink, and more nordmenn.
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Star KO II
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming
Featuring: MikeHaze, Smashdaddy, Weiners.
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Beyond the Wall (Midwest: Wis., CDT)
Stream: MeleeEveryday
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Bird’s Out (Midwest: Ill., CDT)
Stream: ILStUSSB (Hitbox)
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Event Match 16: Kirby’s Air Raid 
(Penn., EDT)
Stream: R2DLiu
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Sunday, May 7

Fox You Up #0
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming
Featuring: MikeHaze and (again) probably more ranked SoCal players that will register at the event.
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The Construct 77 
(Midwest: Wis., CDT)
Stream: EventHorizon
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All or Nothing! Melee and PM #017 
(Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: AONStreams
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