This is a very SCARY edition of When’s Melee, your weekly source for Melee tournament screams and cauldron bubble information. If you know of any other tournaments streams that we have missed, please reach out on Twitter (linked below) or here in the comments.
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Canada Cup 2017 
Region: Ont. (EDT)
Streams: CanadaCup3 (Friday Doubles, Saturday Singles to Top 8), CanadaCup2 (Sunday Top 8)
Featuring: Armada, Mew2King, Leffen, n0ne, KJH, Duck, KirbyKaze, Ginger, Prince F. Abu, Ryan Ford, Android, Kage, Trulliam, Nightmare, AbsentPage, Coffeeblack, Heartstrings, Moky, Tranimal, Weon-X, Plum, Platty, Dope, a lot more sub-regionally ranked Canadians, including the legend of Kingston: Poop.
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Too Hot to Handle
Region: Fla. (EDT)
Stream: TrailGamingLeague (Saturday Doubles and Singles to Top 8)UnrivaledTournaments (Sunday Top 8)
Featuring: Hungrybox, Plup, Swedish Delight, Druggedfox, Crush, Slox, MikeHaze, HugS, Colbol, dizzkidboogie, Gahtzu, Wobbles, Porkchops, Drunksloth, and swarms of Floridians acting the opposite of cold and, therefore, controllable.
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Clutch City Clash 2 
Region: Texas (CDT)
Stream: TourneyLocator
Featuring: Redd, Squid, Uncle Mojo, Mafia, homemadewaffles, MilkMan, NMW, Bananas, Albert, ALP, Jake13, hamyojo, Aza, Valdo, Rael, Snowy, SDJ, SpaceAnimalz.Com, and most of ranked Texas.
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Friday, Oct. 27

Spooky MoaL-0-ween 180
Stream: PGHSmash
» Challonge | Organizer Facebook

Kent Combo 59
 (Ohio, EDT)
Stream: KentStateSmash
» | Organizer Facebook

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Ill, CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
» Challonge

Melee at the MADE #49 
(NorCal, PDT)
Stream: TheMADEOakland
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Friday Night Turnip #74 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: TopShelfEsports
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Saturday, Oct. 28

Boss Rush: Mexico
 (Ariz, MST)
Stream: SAKGamingTV
Featuring: Axe, Eddy Mexico, WokeR, Bin, Dai, and probably more ranked South-westerners that will register closer to the event.
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NaCl Monthly
 (Ga, EDT)
Stream: RecursionGG
Featuring: HT, Flamin Roy, Soap, Focus, TBAG, Nicaboy, DP’s Mario.
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King of the Sticks 2017
 (Okla, CDT)
Stream: GameOverHDTV
Featuring: Bobby Frizz, Schythed, Unspecial, and some more ranked Oklahomans.
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MidwestLAN 19
 (Wis, CDT)
Stream: GamersHQTV
Featuring: ORLY, Nox, and probably more GHQ peeps.
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 (Ind, EDT)
Stream: MeleeEveryday
Featuring: Michael, Lanceinthepants, Zetts, and more ranked Indiana college students.
» | Facebook

Master Hand Monthly #15
 (Ind, EDT)
Stream: PBLKGaming
» | Facebook

Nebulous Melee #101 (N.Y, EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
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TCNJapes 3
 (N.J, EDT)
Stream: TCNJMelee
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PSUSmash: Bloody Murder 
(Pa, EDT)
Stream: PSUSmash
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Sunday, Oct. 29

Fall Brawl 2017
 (Mont, MDT)
Stream: Idaho_Smash
Featuring: Luigi Ka-Master, Quaff, Wamsa, raabionfire, Eloy, and probably more ranked Montanans.
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BHAM Revival Series #1
 (Wash, PDT)
Stream: BestBudsLounge
Featuring: Bladewise, Ganobrator, Webwipe, Espi, and probably other good PNW players.
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Smash N’ Dash #1
 (SoCal, PDT)
Streams: theMetaShift and lvlupdojo (multistream)
» | Facebook

Quartered 04 
(UK, UTC+1)
Stream: PhoenixSmash
» | Facebook

20Xspresso Spooky Edition
 (Penn, EDT)
Stream: BatteryAzidLV
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