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GameTyrant Expo
 (9/29 – 10/1)
Region: Utah (MDT)
Stream: VGBootCamp and EggTelevisionOne (multistream)
Featuring: Armada, Hungrybox, Mew2King, Leffen, Plup, SFAT, Westballz, Axe, ChuDat, S2J, Wizzrobe, Swedish Delight, Shroomed, Lucky, Druggedfox, n0ne, HugS, La Luna, Professor Pro, Crush, PewPewU, MikeHaze, Syrox, Hax, dizzkidboogie, Amsah, aMSa, Bladewise, MacD, Android, Uncle Mojo, homemadewaffles, FatGoku, ARMY, AbsentPage, Tai, Vro, Crunch, Zorc, Bizzarro Flame, lovage, and a $30,000 prize pool for singles holy moly.
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Friday, Sept. 29

Melee at the MADE #47 
(NorCal, PDT)
Stream: TheMADEOakland
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MoaL 176
Stream: PGHSmash
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Kent Combo 55
 (Ohio, EDT)
Stream: KentStateSmash
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Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Ill, CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
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Smash @ Arcania #4 (Mex, UTC-5)
Stream: SmashTampico

Friday Night Turnip #70 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: TopShelfEsports
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Tuk House Weekly (Wash, PDT)
Stream: TukHouseSmash
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Saturday, Sept. 30

Corner Pressure VI 
(Mich, EDT)
Stream: AllOutMelee
Featuring: Duck, KJH, Ginger, Heartstrings, tm, i4n, Parzival, JCubez, and a couple o’ Reetzes.
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Anchor Down Smash 2
 (Tenn, CDT)
Stream: VandySmash
Featuring: Iori, Googlyeyed, Michael, DairDeviL, Liberate, Dezno, Den, Wolven, Mewwy, Cantus, and (as always) the ghost of Cornelius Vanderbilt himself.
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Downthrow Throwdown #2
(Kan, CDT)
Stream: KS_Smash
Featuring: Shinobi, Bobby Frizz, Underscores, dansdaman, and more ranked folks from the actual middle of the continental U.S.
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Grabbing is Basically Cheating 
(Penn, CDT)
Stream: CriticalHitEsports
Featuring: Polish, Gerb.
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HYES! 7 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: UplandMelee
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PRAXIS 4: Walk Sign 55th Street 
(Ill, CDT)
Stream: MeleeEveryday
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FuenlaSmash 6
 (Spain, UTC+2)
Stream: MAZOSmash
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Ch4os in Madison II
(S.D, CDT)
Stream: IceSeriesSmash
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Lift Off 2 (N.Y, EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
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PSU Smash: Smashing in September 
(Penn, EDT)
Stream: PSUSmash
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Look at Dat UPsmash Underground #15 
(Penn, EDT)
Stream: PhenomenonWorks
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Sunday, Oct. 1

Short Hop Pear 5
(U.K, UTC+1)
Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: Overtriforce, Frenzy, and more ranked U.K folks defending their country in Prof’s absence.
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The Construct 88 
(Wis, CDT)
Stream: EventHorizon
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Smash at Epic 65 (Ore, PDT)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
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