Welcome to the first edition of When’s Melee. This weekly post will feature Melee tournaments happening over the weekend along with links to both the stream and brackets. With the help of Dingus, TreeTrunks, and Vilorious, you will have all the information you need. If you don’t see you’re tournament/community/stream listed, go ahead and request to add your tourney here.


Mayhem – Feb 28

Region: SoCal
MacD and PEEF are back once again for their monthly showcasing most of the SoCal stars after a short post-Apex hiatus!
Stream Link: twitch.tv/MacDsmash
Challonge Bracket: challonge.com/users/macd
Notable Players: Lucky, Westballz, Fly Amanita, HugS, Toph, MacD, Mike Haze, Laudandus, Phil


Olympus – Feb 28

Region: Atlantic South
South Carolina is hosting its biggest tournament of all time and the South is coming out to show what it’s got! Watch the trailer here!
Stream Link: twitch.tv/newmetaentertainment
Challonge Bracket: challonge.com/OlympusMS
Notable Players: ESAM, S0ft, Twitch, Baka4Moe, DruggedFox


Shots Fired – Feb 28 – Mar 1

Region: Mid-Atlantic
MVG is hosting their first regional tournament after their huge, record-breaking success at End Game in Arizona. This tournament is the first of many regional qualifiers leading up to a championship event!
Stream Link: twitch.tv/clashtournaments and twitch.tv/not20xx
Challonge Bracket: shotsfiredmelee.challonge.com/SFMTop32
Notable Players: Mew2King, Zhu, The Moon, DJ Nintendo

01_openingCannes Winter Clash – March 1

Region: France
This weekend’s big European tournament features Leffen, who is hot off a great Apex run. Enjoy some enthusiastic commentary with a great accent from Fauster! More info here.
Stream Link: twitch.tv/officiel_jvcom (Sunday for top 8)
Notable Players: Leffen, Jeapie, Tekk, Baxon

CFL Smackdown 8 – Feb 28

Region: Florida
Central Florida’s monthly shows off a lot of their dense pool of talent, which is often overlooked because of  a lack of stream exposure. Be sure to check it out!
Stream Link: twitch.tv/gamingknights1
Notable players: HungryBox, Colbol, Wizzrobe, Gravy, Pi, Uuaa

Smash @ SFU – Feb 28

Region: British Columbia, Canada
The Simon Fraser University Smash Club is hosting a tournament open to the BC public. Hopefully this stream can give some exposure to up and coming players from this often overlooked region.
Stream Link: twitch.tv/xPrisma6



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