Here’s a quick reference link to all of the #zero2hero episodes that have aired so far.

Episode 1: Planning for Success, vs. Falco MatchupYoutube, Slides

Episode 2: Minimizing Mistakes, vs. Falcon MatchupYoutube, Slides

Episode 3: The Dash Dance Game, vs. Marth MatchupYoutube, Slides

Episode 4: Using Normals, Pressure, GrabsYoutube, Slides

Episode 5: Surviving, vs. FloatiesYoutube, Slides

Episode 6: Mindsets, Speed AdvantageYoutube, Slides

Episode 7: Platforms – Youtube, Slides

Episode 8: Reaction Window and Baits – Youtube, Slides

Episode 9: Counter-Picking Strategy – Youtube, Slides

*Episode 7,8,9 are available on Twitch and will be on Youtube shortly